Western Weather Group Weather Service

American AgCredit is the premier sponsor of the year-round Western Weather Group reporting program that benefits every agricultural grower in the county. The Mendocino County Farm Bureau greatly appreciates and values the partnership with American AgCredit.

Current Members of the Mendocino County Farm Bureau can call the office at 462-6664 for the unlisted phone number to receive daily weather forecasts.  Have your membership name and number on hand when placing your call.

In addition, each current Farm Bureau member will have the ability to set up an account with a default “dashboard” for viewing regional weather data. Users will also be able to create their own customized “dashboard” by adding data views such as saved reports that show current or historical weather conditions, weather data graphs and any website links that they view on regular basis. As a result of this customization, each individual user will be able to view the specific weather data and weather information that they want to see immediately upon logging in. We believe this will make for a more interactive and useful experience.

To receive daily forecast emails or set up an account, please contact Matt Wanink with Western Weather Group at [email protected] or 530-342-1700. 

Also, if you are interested in a weather station for you property where the data can also be added to the Mendocino County Farm Bureau weather network contact Matt Wanink at the email above for further information.

American AgCredit has an office located in Ukiah on Gobbi Street. Since 1916, American AgCredit has been providing the expertise and specialized services that have made them the leading lender to the agricultural industry. If you own agricultural land and/or are engaged in production agriculture or ag-related products and services, you are eligible for Farm Credit Financing. Just call their office at (707) 462-6531 and be sure to thank them for providing this year-round service…that keeps us all in the business of farming.