Potter Valley Project Licensing

The Potter Valley Project: 100+ Years of Water Supply...Will It Continue?

Mendocino County Farm Bureau supports local control of the Potter Valley Project.

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Taking Action

  • Funded Fuller Digital Media to video record the August 23rd Eel Russian River Commission meeting, view meeting.
  • Developed a postcard to provide our community with an opportunity to speak to their elected officials. View more information under the Community Education section.
  • Hosted a free community meeting to provide updates on the Potter Valley Project licensing process; slideshow, handout and video can be found under “Community Education” below.
  • Published in the Ukiah Daily Journal, view article.
  • For 15+ years we have been providing water tours to the public to provide a hands-on understanding of the water system.
  • Keeping our members informed with new developments through our quarterly newsletter and our e-letter subscription.
  • Provided a free event at Mendocino College to view and discuss the documentary, “A River’s Last Chances.”


MCFB has hired a professional communications company to assist in developing messaging and outreach materials so that we can continue to expand our educational campaign related to the Potter Valley Project and related licensing process. The goal of this campaign is to work with the various interests and communities that benefit from the Project so that there is a broad-based understanding of the importance of maintaining the power and water supply. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, donations are being accepted. Please click on the DONATE button below or contact the MCFB office for additional information.

Project Information

Current Licensing Update

September 2019 Update
On June 28th, the Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission (MCIWPC), Sonoma Water, California Trout, Inc. and the County of Humboldt filed a Notice of Intent (NOI) and Pre-Application Document (PAD) for the Potter Valley Project  (Project) as required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) July 1st deadline. No other NOI/PAD documents were submitted to FERC by other entities interested in licensing the Project.  FERC approved the submittal from the NOI partners on August 1st.
Over the last month, there have been a few key developments with the Project licensing process. The four NOI partners listed above have been discussing the formation of an official entity to ultimately be the licensee, hiring a consulting firm to assist with the development of the feasibility study, moving forward with a public communications plan and bringing on additional parties into the current partnership.  The Round Valley Indian Tribes announced in early September that have signed the planning agreement to participate and the County of Lake has also budgeted the funding required to participate pending approval of the other partner groups. Additional partners that may be considered are the Yurok Tribe and the Dry Creek Band of Pomo.
Through the Planning Agreement, the NOI partners will complete a feasibility study by April 14, 2020. The feasibility study will include: (1) a description of the regional entity that will be formed and will apply for the new license; (2) a Project plan showing capital modifications, as well as operations and maintenance requirements, for the continued delivery of water and generation of hydroelectric power; (3) a fisheries restoration plan with measures to be implemented under the new license; (4) a proposed study plan detailing additional studies necessary to develop a new license application; and (5) a financial plan, including the specific sources of initial funding and subsequent revenues to fund the licensing, capital improvements, and operations and maintenance of the Project under a new license.
Additional discussion of the update above can be heard by listening the August Eel Russian River Commission meeting link listed under the Media tab below.

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