Potter Valley Project Licensing

The Potter Valley Project: 100+ Years of Water Supply...Will It Continue?

Mendocino County Farm Bureau supports local control of the Potter Valley Project.

The support of our membership is what allows us to continue to host events that educate the public and work on critical issues such as water supply. As a member, you will continue to receive updates on the latest developments in the licensing and sale of the Project through your e-letter subscription. Please contact our office if you have an updated e-mail address. If you are not a member, please consider joining the united voice of Farm Bureau.

Taking Action

  • Funded Fuller Digital Media to video record the August 23rd Eel Russian River Commission meeting, view meeting.
  • Developed a postcard to provide our community with an opportunity to speak to their elected officials. View more information under the Community Education section.
  • Hosted a free community meeting to provide updates on the Potter Valley Project licensing process; slideshow, handout and video can be found under “Community Education” below.
  • For 15+ years we have been providing water tours to the public to provide a hands-on understanding of the water system.
  • Keeping our members informed with new developments through our quarterly newsletter and our e-letter subscription.
  • Provided a free event at Mendocino College to view and discuss the documentary, “A River’s Last Chances.”


MCFB has hired a professional communications company to assist in developing messaging and outreach materials so that we can continue to expand our educational campaign related to the Potter Valley Project and related licensing process. The goal of this campaign is to work with the various interests and communities that benefit from the Project so that there is a broad-based understanding of the importance of maintaining the power and water supply. If you are interested in contributing to this effort, donations are being accepted. Please click on the DONATE button below or contact the MCFB office for additional information.

Project Information

Potter Valley Project FERC Licensing Progress Update

July 2020 Update

On May 13, 2020 the five NOI parties (Mendocino County Inland Water and Power Commission, Sonoma County Water Agency, California Trout, Inc., the County of Humboldt and the Round Valley Indian Tribes) submitted the required feasibility study report for the Project to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The Project Plan, as proposed, includes the removal of Scott Dam which forms Lake Pillsbury. The proposed Project Plan will be refined as a series of studies are undertaken to address the above mentioned uncertainties. For example, the studies will analyze the potential effects of Scott Dam removal on our water supply reliability, including how a “run of the river” project would function during drought years.

MCFB encourages you to read the full feasibility study report and the summary of actions to date which can be found under the licensing related documents tab below.

As part of the timeline agreed to in 2019, FERC accepted comments on the May 13th Feasibility Study Report up until June 28, 2020. There was a request to extend the comment period, but no extension has been confirmed at this time.

MCFB would like to thank all of you that took time to submit individual comments or those that signed onto our comment letter. Your willingness to be proactive on this issue is appreciated.

All comments on the feasibility study or other submissions related to the Project can be seen here by entering Potter Valley in the text search box.

If you would like to sign up to receive updates related to any future filings connected to the Potter Valley Project, you can do so by visiting the FERC website and going to the e-subscription page. If you have not registered with FERC, you will have to register before proceeding with the e-subscription. Once registered you can sign up to receive information related to docket P-77-000, which is the Potter Valley Project.

The recent filing is one of many milestones to be accomplished in getting to the FERC licensing deadline of April 14, 2022. The process will continue to evolve, and we will all have to be engaged in shaping the final outcome. If there are any questions regarding the comment process, please feel free to contact the MCFB office.

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