Agriculture’s Impact on Mendocino County

Agriculture has a huge impact on Mendocino County’s economy. The total gross agricultural value for all commodities produced in 2020 was $222,875,410. For the first time in many years, wine grapes were
the second leading commodity, with a value of $82,182,224, a decrease of 28.2%. Fruits and nuts combined totaled $92,723,750, a decrease of 26.1%. Agricultural production, excluding timber, totaled $92,723,750. Timber was the leading commodity, with a gross “at mill” value of $93,855,560, a 14.4% decrease over the previous year’s total of $109,582,368. Mendocino County ranked 4th in the state in timber volumes and produced roughly 7.8% of the state’s total timber harvest in 2020.

For more information about Mendocino County agriculture and to view current and past crop reports, please visit the Mendocino County Agricultural Department .