Agriculture’s Impact on Mendocino County

Agriculture has a huge impact on Mendocino County’s economy. In 2015, the total gross agricultural value for all commodities produced in Mendocino County was $221,840,400. The leading agricultural commodity continues to be wine grapes, which posted a value of $88,287,000. Agricultural production, excluding timber, was valued at $138,110,100. Timber represents the second highest value commodity, with a gross “at mill” value of $83,730,300.

To view more information about Mendocino County agriculture, please visit the Mendocino County Crop Report.

Mendocino County Crop Information

Commodity 2016
Fruits & Nuts $136,561,100
Forest Products $76,696,600
Field Crops $11,722,200
Livestock Production $10,077,900
Livestock & Poultry Products $5,135,300
Nursery Production $1,225,600
Vegetable Crops $1,115,000
Totals $242,533,700

Statistics: 2016